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Weekly Trick – Useful Dog Tricks

These tricks are performed by Jesse, and let me tell you, this dog has talent!  I wouldn’t know where to start to teach your dog all these tricks, other than to watch the video and break each step down into one trick at a time.  Also, loads of patience and amazing treats, along with a clicker would most likely help in learning how to do these amazing tricks.

The video is more like “a day in the life” with Jesse.  Jesse starts off pulling the covers off his pet parent and licking their face.  He goes to get a placemat, cup, and pops something in the toaster.

His pet parent gets out of the shower, just in time to get a towel from Jesse.  This dog is amazing.  Each trick is better than the last and more amazing.  I watched most of this video in amazement and had to pick my jaw up off the floor several times.  I cannot imagine how much time it took to teach Jesse how to do all these amazing tricks.

Too tired to do some cleaning?  No worries, Jesse will dust for you.

Spill something on the floor?  Jesse’s got you covered.

From vacuuming to mopping, Jesse can do it all and then some.

To see this amazing dog in action, click here!

Weekly Trick – Unique and Unusual Tricks For Dogs

This video is worth it just to watch the two dogs in the beginning.

I promise you, the dogs are so sweet.  The first trick they show is the dogs getting on their hind legs and hugging each other.  That was enough to melt even the hardest of hearts!

If you watch the video, you can kind of pick up how they taught their dogs these tricks.  Remember if you are trying to teach your dog more advanced tricks, patience is necessary and treats are necessary.

The dogs learn to weave in and out of their pet parent’s legs, as well as stand on the feet of their pet parent and walk with them.  BOTH dogs at the same time perform this trick!

Next, the larger dog stays standing on the pet parent’s feet, while the smaller dog goes in between the pet parents legs AND the larger dog’s legs!  These dogs are very smart and very well trained.

The next trick is outside.  The dog is walking and jumping around on their hind legs and then they walk over to the CD player and they change the CD in the player.

If you want to see these tricks in action and possibly try to teach your dog these amazing tricks, click here.  Prepare to be amazed.


Weekly Trick – Cat vs. Dog Tricks

This week I thought I .would share a very sweet and cute video of Kaiser the Bengal cat and Nana the Border Collie dog performing tricks in a contest against each other to see who could look the cutest and do the best tricks!

Trick #1 in the video is Beg/Sit Pretty – Both did such a great job, I also love that their pet parent put captions into the video of what Kaiser and Nana were thinking.

Trick #2 Spin – Kaiser the cat did a great job, but Nana was very enthusiastic in her spinning.

Trick #3 Roll Over – Kaiser did an impressive job, but Nana again was extremely enthusiastic!

Trick #4 Skateboard – Both get onto the skateboard and push themselves off slightly.  That was a tough one!

Trick #5 Leg Weaving/Figure 8’s – Both do an enthusiastic and great job of weaving in and out of their pet parent’s legs.

Trick #6 Close The Door – Kaiser does a very graceful door close, while Nana closes the door with her nose.

If you would like to see the outcome of the video, plus many other great tricks performed in this contest, just click here!

Just goes to show you a little bit of positive reinforcement and clicker training can work wonders when teaching tricks to your furbabies!

Weekly Trick – 40 Great Dog Tricks

Many times I have said that there are many ways to teach a dog a trick, not one way is better or “proper”.

This is a video of Russell, a wonderful truly amazing dog who can remarkably remember 40 different commands and tricks.

The tricks range from down, fetch, go, kiss, gimmie 5, spinning and many others.

I just want to kiss that sweet dog!

If you want to teach your dog these tricks, or just want to see a smart dog in action, watch the video.  You will be amazed!