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Feline Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Have you noticed that your cat has had chronic vomiting issues, have they had diarrhea often?  Do they tend to have bouts of indigestion?  This is not just something that will “go away”.  This could be what is called Feline Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

The first thing to look at is what you are feeding your cat could be what is damaging the intestinal flora.  What needs to be done is an immediate scheduling of an appointment with your vet and tests need to be performed to see if it is indeed this disease.

There is a great article that explains in great detail what this disease is, what tests are needed and how to treat it.  I would suggest joining this website as it contains a wealth of information on caring for cats.

I have friends whose cats have this disease and who have lived long and happy, healthy lives once it has gotten under control.  I hope this information is helpful to those who have cats who may be suffering from this disease.