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As most people know, cats are carnivores.  They need and require the nutrients (taurine) from meat in order to live a full, active and healthy life.  There are people who have turned into vegetarians for ethical reasons and wish to provide the same diet for their pets.

Cats can get taurine from chemically processed resources when they are vegetarian however, it’s not the same as what they are provided in their natural diet.  With commercial foods contributing to diabetes, heart disease and obesity in our pets these days, it’s no wonder people want to switch to a better, healthier diet, but when a cat is used to having meat as their main resource, are we harming them by giving them a diet made mostly of vegetables?
An important note is that cats who have a natural diet made of mostly meat have a low pH, while cats consuming vegetables tend to have a higher pH, thus leading to issues with diabetes.

It is a very heated topic in the veterinary world, with many vets experiencing sick cats as a result of this style of diet.  While I can understand people wanting to adopt this diet for their cat, I agree with the vet when they said this in the article: “Personally, I believe that when we voluntarily adopt cats into our homes, we are ethically obligated to honor the feline spirit and feed it according to its basic nature. But everyone needs to answer that question from their own heart.”

To read more about this controversial diet, here is the article.