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Product Review – KONG Extreme KONG Flyer

Do you have a dog that likes to chew up their toys?  Do you have a dog that catches a Frisbee and then keeps it and chews it to pieces instead of bringing it back to you?  This Frisbee may be your answer.

KONG makes many Frisbees, but this one is made especially for dogs that are aggressive chewers, who might destroy most other Frisbees.

This is a soft, yet durable Frisbee, black in color, and seemingly flys faster and further than other Frisbees that I have used.  It is great for taking your dog and exercising them when they have a little extra energy that you are trying to get out of them.  Make sure your dog knows the fetch and bring commands before using this.

Sasha is an aggressive chewer.  So far, there are minor tooth marks in the lip of the Frisbee, and a small tear, but it is still very usable and durable.  It also stands up to the cold weather.  I prefer the softer Frisbee than the harder one as it is easier on your dog’s mouth and in the cold, it does not crack.

Final verdict: This is a purchase with caution.  If your dog is an aggressive chewer, know that it will not stay pristine for the duration that you use the toy.  We have had ours for over two months and just recently there are marks on it.  It is for sale on and for a limited time, it is on sale.  Try it out and hopefully your dog will love it!


KONG® Extreme Flyer