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Weekly Trick – Fetch A Diaper

Even if you don’t have children, this can be a good trick to teach, just substitute diaper with something else!

The first thing to do is get your dog interested in the diaper.  Put something inside the diaper that the dog loves (toy wise) and start to try to play with them and throw it around, give them lots of praise while doing so. Make sure to use the word diaper and “fetch” so that your dog knows what you want them to do.
Walk away from the dog and have the dog come to you with the diaper in their mouth.

The final test for this aspect of the trick is to have the diapers in another room, call your dog over and ask them to “fetch diaper”.  If they go into the other room and get the diaper, the first phase of this trick is complete.

Next, you will want the dog to learn to jump over the baby gate.  Some dogs will be able to do this very quickly, other dogs, you will need to set up stages (put up a rope for them to jump over at different heights until they can jump over the actual baby gate easily).

The last part of the trick is making sure your dog will bring you the diaper in any room of the house.  Make sure you are in a different room and tell your dog to “fetch diaper”.  If the trick has been learned successfully, your dog will go into the room that you keep diapers, grab one off the shelf and bring it to you in the other room.  This trick will take time to learn and lots of treats.  Make sure to teach it in stages and not for longer than about 5-10 minute sessions at a time.

Here is the video for the trick.  In case it doesn’t load, it is the second trick video.

Weekly Trick – Stunning Cat Tricks By Kitty Lucy

Teaching a cat how to do tricks can be difficult, but I have found that there are commonalities in every video and common techniques to use to be successful in teaching a cat to do tricks.

The first thing is to make sure to teach tricks when your cat is hungry and use their favorite treat/food ever.  This seems to get them interested enough in doing what you want them to do, when you want them to do it.

The second important thing to remember is to be patient and only teach the tricks for no more than 10 minutes at a time.  After that, your cat’s attention span diminishes rapidly.

Next, use a positive, upbeat tone when asking them to do something like “sit” or “down”.  If you use a negative tone, your cat might think that you are mad at them and run away or not do what you want them to do.

In this video, Lucy performs many tricks.  Her pet parent uses hand gestures as well, which is another important point.  If you pat the floor and say “down”, your cat will associate the two and will learn to go “down” when you do this.

An example would be, if you want your cat to learn to “sit”, pat the floor and say the word “sit” at the same time.  Your cat will associate the two and will sit, learning the trick just like a dog would.  Praise your cat with treats and pets once they have done what you want them to do.

Associate the words with the actions, and give treats, and you will have a happy, smart, trick-learning cat.

Weekly Trick – Catch The Ball In Your Paws (For Dogs)

This little Beagle in the video is pretty talented and looks very sweet.

There aren’t any steps to training your dog how to do this trick but I would probably go about it in this way:

1. FIrst make sure your dog knows the command “sit”.

2. Next, start to teach the dog the command “up” so that they can stand on their hind legs and so that they can put their paws up as well.

3. Now incorporate the ball and start to throw the ball gently to your dog, aiming more for the paws so that they can catch it.

4. I would start using a word like “catch” or “hold” so that they associate that with catching the ball between their paws.

5. Then keep on working on that until the dog can catch the ball and hold it for a second or two.  Also the dog will most likely when trying to catch it, the ball will probably bounce back to you, so in essence, they are learning how to play and toss the ball back and forth and learn the “Catch” trick as well, so it’s a two for one!

Always remember to have treats handy, and make sure you have time and patience to teach this trick.  Do not try to teach it for more than 5-10 minutes at a time, as your dog’s attention span is not that long.

Here is the video to help you teach this trick to your dog.  Have fun!


Weekly Trick – Mukaluka The Therapy Dog!

The importance of therapy dogs is widely known these days, not only with children, but with the elderly, people with disabilities and soldiers coming home from the war.

I thought for a change I would put up a video of a wonderful therapy dog named Mukaluka.  This dog shows off some impressive tricks, as well as prancing around so proud while performing those tricks and rightly so.

So here is the video, watch and see how amazing this dog is.  I am doing to work with Sasha to get her to be able to do these tricks as well.  Just amazing to watch!



Weekly Trick – 40 Great Dog Tricks

Many times I have said that there are many ways to teach a dog a trick, not one way is better or “proper”.

This is a video of Russell, a wonderful truly amazing dog who can remarkably remember 40 different commands and tricks.

The tricks range from down, fetch, go, kiss, gimmie 5, spinning and many others.

I just want to kiss that sweet dog!

If you want to teach your dog these tricks, or just want to see a smart dog in action, watch the video.  You will be amazed!

Fixing Aggressive Behavior Issues

Many of us have adopted dogs and were not sure of their temperament, nor their behavior health.  Many times we need to work diligently to help remove the undesirable behavior and instill our desired behavior.

One thing that needs mentioning is that changing undesirable behavior, can be a daunting task and can take anywhere from hours to days, to even months.  Please do not give up on your new best friend.  They are probably scared, confused and desperately wanting to please you but aren’t sure what you are asking for.  Patience and some good treats can work wonders for teaching good behavior.

When retraining your dog, it is always good to use common sense and take a step back and figure out why your dog is acting a certain way.  If your dog is growling or snapping, they are putting you on notice that they are at their limit for what they can tolerate.  By punishing them for doing so, you are essentially telling your dog not to perform instinctual behavior and behavior that can help you to determine when to back off, thus confusing the dog.  Yes, your dog needs to learn that they cannot go off the deep end and bite you or maul you, but when they warn you in this way, that is how they are communicating with you.

This website is wonderful and has great information to teach your dog how to respond to you and how to display more desired behavior.  If your dog is aggressive, this will help to show them they are good dogs who just need a little help from being confused and not trained properly.

Weekly Trick – Tandem Bike Ride

Now I know that this trick is not something that most people will ever teach their dog, but I found the video and the dog, amazing.

The dog gets on the back of the tandem bike and starts to pedal along with his human parent.  It is amazing that a dog can do something this absolutely brilliant!

If I were to try to teach this trick, I would start with a command word like “bike” or “on” and then “pedal”.  Lots of treats would be involved, and knowing Sasha, a lot of begging and pleading and possibly tears (on my part) would be involved to get her to even attempt this trick.

My point in posting this video (it is the 7th video down in the playlist if it does not start to play automatically), is that dogs are highly intelligent and can learn to do just about anything with time and patience.  I love the idea of this trick and if someone has taught their dog how to do this, I would love to know how you went about it.


Weekly Trick – Beg

Here is a fairly easy trick that your dog should enjoy doing not only for treats, but when friends come over.  Surely they will like to show off for your friends how smart they are!

You want to have some treats, which you should give in moderation.  Also time and patience.  Do tricks in short sessions, as your dog’s attention span isn’t long.  Have a target stick to make it easier for your dog to know what you want.

First you want to get them to move upward and any upward movement should be met with a treat.

Keep moving the treat up higher and higher as your dog learns to move upward.

Then, once you have reached the desired height,  you will want to hold the position for a short amount of time.

Then add the verbal cue “beg”.

After a while, once you think your dog understands what you are looking for,  you can stop using the target stick.

Then you will want to just use the verbal cue “beg”.

Now your dog should be able to stand up and beg.

You may be able to teach your dog to go even more advanced and clap their paws together in a begging motion.  That will take time and your own ideas as to how to get your dog to perform this.  I have been trying to work with Sasha to teach her to clap her paws together while in the beg position, she is learning slowly.

Here is a video to teach the trick to your dog.

Weekly Trick – Bathroom Monitor

This has got to be one of the greatest tricks to teach your dog.  If you live with a man who does not remember to put the toilet seat down, and you are sick of asking them to remember to do so, you can teach your dog to put the seat down and FLUSH!

Make sure you have something that motivates your dog, usually it is dog treats, but it can be toys, play, etc.  Use that to help your dog learn this trick.  Remember to give treats in moderation and to be patient as your dog learns this trick, it may take some time for them to get it down pat.

When you are teaching this trick, any contact they make at first, even if it is just a touch give them a treat/reward them.

You will also need a command word such as “toilet” or “flush” so that your dog can run to the bathroom and if the seat is up, he will know to put the seat down and flush it even when you are not in the room with your dog.

It is such a great trick to learn, and you and your dog will impress your friends when they are over and you show them this trick.

There is a video that explains this in three simple steps.  It is NOT me in the video.   If it is not the first video that plays, it is the third trick down on the list.  I hope you enjoy and your doggies go on to learn and impress people with this great trick!

Weekly Trick – Go To Bed

Your dog can learn this trick with a little patience and a lot of praise!

You will need a dog bed, a leash and treats (in moderation).

First, walk over to your dog’s bed and say “go to bed” in a calming tone.  Have a treat handy so that they can see it.  Once the dog walks over to the bed tell them to lie down in a calming tone.  You can use a leash here or not, to get them to focus on learning this trick.

It may take a while for your dog to go over to the bed and actually lie down, practice this trick in short intervals, no longer than about 5-10 minutes.

Once your dog learns the trick, you can take off the leash if you have used one, and they should no longer need the treat.

Here is a video of the trick.  It is NOT ME in the video.

Have a great weekend!