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Dogs Learning “Place”

This is a process where you teach your dog where to sit, stay and lay down, thus making this the dog’s own “place.”

This will take patience and time as it can be difficult for a dog to learn and master this skill.  Good treats will come in handy.

A dog bed or dog mat works best, but if you just have a blanket or a towel, those can work in a pinch.

The command word will be “place”.

Showing your dog the new bed/mat/blanket or towel and saying the word place can help in the beginning.

Your dog must be good on a leash and must have mastered the commands “down” and “stay”.   If these are just newly learned by your dog, stick with those for a while, you don’t want to confuse your dog with teaching them something else like “place”.  It may make what you did train them to do, something that they unlearn and you don’t want that.

If you want to learn more about how to teach your dog “place”, here is the article that will help you.