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Weekly Trick – A Mix Of Tricks (Cats)

Since kitty tricks are few and far between, I am sharing a whole montage of videos, many you have seen before on this blog and a few new ones.  I hope you enjoy all the cuteness!

All the tricks are found on one page and I will share the link to the cuteness.

You may remember Kizzy, the Bengal cat who did many dog-like tricks, like sit and shake a paw.

Cooper, a Persian cat was well trained in playing dead. This little cutie could play dead like nobody’s business, when their pet parent pointed their finger at them like a gun and said “bang”.

And we have Kaiser, the cute and highly intelligent Bengal performing all the greatest tricks like a pro.

Here is the link to all these amazing videos.

And of course, this isn’t a trick, but what video montage of kitties would be complete without Maru.  This cat is hilarious and loves to try to fit in boxes that are 10 sizes too small.  Funny!


Commands Every Dog Should Know

There are certain commands that every dog should know.  Not only for their own good, but to have a better behaved and well rounded, happy dog, these commands will come in handy.

Probably the first and most important one to know is “NO”.  If your dog is doing something they shouldn’t do, whether it’s something like begging, or something serious like trying to run across a busy street, knowing the command “NO” will be helpful.  The one thing to note is that you must be consistent in using it.  For example, if your dog begs for food at the dinner table at night and you say “NO”, and then not tell them no the next night they do it, the command is null and void.  It must be enforced every single time they do the unwanted behavior.

The next command that is essential is “Sit”.  This will be like the building block for your dog in being able to teach them more complex tricks and will teach them manners.  It will be helpful when you are walking, when you have visitors or even when you have other dogs around.  It is a vital part of the learning process.

Another important command is “Off”.  This will be very important when you have visitors and if your dog is a jumper, being able to tell them “off” and having them listen will not only help your dog, but it will also make your visitors feel more at ease around your dog.

There are  more commands that every dog parent should know, are there more that were not included in that article that are especially important to know?

Weekly Trick – Catch The Ball In Your Paws (For Dogs)

This little Beagle in the video is pretty talented and looks very sweet.

There aren’t any steps to training your dog how to do this trick but I would probably go about it in this way:

1. FIrst make sure your dog knows the command “sit”.

2. Next, start to teach the dog the command “up” so that they can stand on their hind legs and so that they can put their paws up as well.

3. Now incorporate the ball and start to throw the ball gently to your dog, aiming more for the paws so that they can catch it.

4. I would start using a word like “catch” or “hold” so that they associate that with catching the ball between their paws.

5. Then keep on working on that until the dog can catch the ball and hold it for a second or two.  Also the dog will most likely when trying to catch it, the ball will probably bounce back to you, so in essence, they are learning how to play and toss the ball back and forth and learn the “Catch” trick as well, so it’s a two for one!

Always remember to have treats handy, and make sure you have time and patience to teach this trick.  Do not try to teach it for more than 5-10 minutes at a time, as your dog’s attention span is not that long.

Here is the video to help you teach this trick to your dog.  Have fun!


Weekly Trick – 40 Great Dog Tricks

Many times I have said that there are many ways to teach a dog a trick, not one way is better or “proper”.

This is a video of Russell, a wonderful truly amazing dog who can remarkably remember 40 different commands and tricks.

The tricks range from down, fetch, go, kiss, gimmie 5, spinning and many others.

I just want to kiss that sweet dog!

If you want to teach your dog these tricks, or just want to see a smart dog in action, watch the video.  You will be amazed!

Weekly Trick – Multitude of Cat Tricks

There are many tricks you can teach your cat if you have good treats and lots of patience.  Try to teach tricks around meal times and give your cat treats, this might be the incentive they need to learn how to shake hands, or wave or sit, just like our furry dog friends.

Using a clicker for training purposes can work with a cat as well.  Taking the time to learn how to use it with your cat can help in the long run and make learning tricks easier.

Here is a page with tricks for your cat to learn.


There are several videos showing tricks that cats have learned and how well they perform them.  Know that these cats probably took a long time to learn these with a lot of patience and work from their pet parents.

Kizzy the Bengal cat.  I love this video, it shows just what cats are capable of.  Such a smart kitty!

Kaiser another Bengal cat.  The tricks are amazing, such smart kitties and it’s fun to watch how proud they look after doing tricks.

Athena the Main Coon doing tricks.  Such a sweet looking cat.

If you watch the videos, you will see the way that the pet parents have taught their cats the tricks.  Just use them as a guide to teach your own tricks.  It’s never the same way to teach them and use whatever will work for your cat!


Weekly Trick – Hudson Performs Tricks!

I thought I would put something different for my weekly trick post.

This is a video of Hudson, the Burnese Mountain Dog performing tricks for her human Mom.

I just thought I would add this one to show everyone how dogs can do tricks in succession once they have mastered the trick.

I also just love this breed of dog.  So expressive, pretty and large (I am a large(r) dog breed lover), but I love all dogs as well.

Here is the video.  You can teach your dog these tricks easily.  You don’t have to follow any directions, sometimes you just have to do what will work for your dog.  Remember to have patience and use some treats for motivation in moderation.  I hope you enjoy!

Weekly Trick – Sit Pretty

Here is a great and easy trick to teach your dog.  It is easier for a small dog to perform this trick than a larger dog, simply because of balance.

First, make sure you have good treats on hand.

Next, you want to get your dog to sit.  Then slowly raise the treat above the dog’s head.  You are working for the dog to take their feet off the floor but still be able to balance.

Now you can use a hand gesture and say “sit pretty”.  Take small steps to get them to be able to balance into the sitting pretty trick.

Make sure once they are in the sitting pretty stance, you tell them to “stay”.   Get them to hold it for a few seconds and then give them the treat.

Make sure to keep going slow and don’t get them to hold it until you know they have their balance.  This is not only a great trick, it also helps to strengthen your dog’s core muscles.

Here is a video of the trick so you get the idea of how to get your dog to do it.  It is not me in the video.


Teaching Your Dog NOT To Jump

I’m sure we’ve all been there before – our wonderful little doggies are so excited to see us (or any company that comes over), they will jump up on you and scratch at your leg, beg for attention and jump some more.

This is undesired behavior and needs to be nipped in the bud.  There are several methods to stop this from occurring every time you come home or company pops over for a visit.

Method #1 Ignore 

If your dog is in front of you and they are getting ready to jump, the moment their feet leave the floor, turn your back on them.  Dogs crave attention and crave positive attention and when you are not paying attention to them, they start to figure out that if they do the bad behavior, they won’t get any praise or attention from you.

If the dog continues and starts to paw or scratch at your legs, or runs around in front of you to try to jump again, turn your back on them again.

Keep on doing this until the dog decides he/she is going to do a more desired behavior such as sitting.  Once the dog sits or does another desired behavior, praise them emphatically.

If this causes the dog to jump up and down, repeat turning your back on them until they resume the desired behavior and then praise them again.

Repeat until the dog is doing the behavior that you desire.


Method #2 Stop

Not my favorite choice, but it will work for some I suppose.

As your dog is jumping up, hold out your open hand palm facing down and push down on their face/nose and say “DOWN” as you gently push them to the floor/ground.  Dog’s noses are sensitive and will not like the pressure you put on it and if you are consistent and do it every time the dog jumps, it should be successful.


Method #3 Sit

Make sure your dog knows the “sit” command.  Whenever your dog goes to jump on you, tell him/her to sit.

If they continue to jump, turn your back on them and ignore them.

If the dog sits down, turn around and praise them highly.  If they start to jump again, repeat saying “sit” and if that does not work, turn your back, until they understand they will not get praise or attention until they sit.


Method #4 Leash

Not a favorite method of mine, but it will work for some, I suppose.

Take your dog outside, leashed.

If your dog starts to jump up on you, in a firm voice say “NO” (but not too harshly, the dog will wonder why you are so angry so quickly).

With your dog facing you, put the leash on the ground and step on it, so that the next time the dog jumps, he will only get a few inches off the ground.

If the dog does not jump, make sure to treat them and praise them.


As always it is very important to be patient with your dog and not to harm them or hurt them.  Give as much positive attention to them when they do something right.  Have some of their favorite treats handy to moderately treat them when they do something good.


Weekly Trick – Wave

It’s time for the weekly trick!  This trick is called “wave”.  It’s not rated as a very difficult trick, the only prerequisite is that your dog should know how to sit and shake a paw.

First, have your dog sit, and then say your command to shake a paw.  Don’t take the paw, instead move your hand up and back and forth.  This will cause the dog to move their paw in a “waving” type motion.  As the dog is doing this, say the word “wave” several times.  Make sure to praise profusely once the dog is moving their paw in the waving type motion.  Also have treats handy.

Next, once the dog has learned that motion consistently, move to the side of the dog and then say “wave”.  You can also move your hand in a waving motion.  Keep doing it until the dog starts doing it and once they do, praise profusely and give treats.  Sometimes dogs won’t raise their paw too high, but you can get them to raise it higher as if they are waving by waving the treat at the height you want the dog to wave their paw.  Keep practicing and make sure the dog can do it consistently.  Once they can do it about five times in a row, then that is considered a “learned trick.”

I have a video so that you can see for yourself what I am describing.  Again, it is NOT ME in the video, but this will give you a visual of what the trick should look like.

There are other ways to have your dog learn this trick, but I found this one the easiest.  Sasha picked this up quickly and learned this trick in about 15 minutes.  I hope it works for your dog!  Have fun.