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Weekly Trick – Stunning Cat Tricks By Kitty Lucy

Teaching a cat how to do tricks can be difficult, but I have found that there are commonalities in every video and common techniques to use to be successful in teaching a cat to do tricks.

The first thing is to make sure to teach tricks when your cat is hungry and use their favorite treat/food ever.  This seems to get them interested enough in doing what you want them to do, when you want them to do it.

The second important thing to remember is to be patient and only teach the tricks for no more than 10 minutes at a time.  After that, your cat’s attention span diminishes rapidly.

Next, use a positive, upbeat tone when asking them to do something like “sit” or “down”.  If you use a negative tone, your cat might think that you are mad at them and run away or not do what you want them to do.

In this video, Lucy performs many tricks.  Her pet parent uses hand gestures as well, which is another important point.  If you pat the floor and say “down”, your cat will associate the two and will learn to go “down” when you do this.

An example would be, if you want your cat to learn to “sit”, pat the floor and say the word “sit” at the same time.  Your cat will associate the two and will sit, learning the trick just like a dog would.  Praise your cat with treats and pets once they have done what you want them to do.

Associate the words with the actions, and give treats, and you will have a happy, smart, trick-learning cat.

Weekly Trick – Unique and Unusual Tricks For Dogs

This video is worth it just to watch the two dogs in the beginning.

I promise you, the dogs are so sweet.  The first trick they show is the dogs getting on their hind legs and hugging each other.  That was enough to melt even the hardest of hearts!

If you watch the video, you can kind of pick up how they taught their dogs these tricks.  Remember if you are trying to teach your dog more advanced tricks, patience is necessary and treats are necessary.

The dogs learn to weave in and out of their pet parent’s legs, as well as stand on the feet of their pet parent and walk with them.  BOTH dogs at the same time perform this trick!

Next, the larger dog stays standing on the pet parent’s feet, while the smaller dog goes in between the pet parents legs AND the larger dog’s legs!  These dogs are very smart and very well trained.

The next trick is outside.  The dog is walking and jumping around on their hind legs and then they walk over to the CD player and they change the CD in the player.

If you want to see these tricks in action and possibly try to teach your dog these amazing tricks, click here.  Prepare to be amazed.


Cheetahs and Dogs Together?

Unbelievably, yes dogs and cheetahs can go together and become best friends!

At the San Diego Safari Park, dogs are paired up with Cheetahs for comfort, friendship and to increase the Cheetahs confidence.  Surprisingly cheetahs are the “scaredy cats” of the large cat world.  The dogs pair with them and help to increase confidence and provide them with “friendship”.

A dog and cheetah have bonded so well, the cheetah occasionally grooms the dog and the dog just loves it!

The cheetahs play just as hard with the dogs as they would with their own kind.

The cheetahs love to purr and play and learn to run and socialize with dogs, as well as learn to be around humans, that they are okay.  The dogs help to alleviate the fear the cheetahs have about their surroundings and the people who give them their daily meals.

The dogs act as companions to their cheetah ambassador friends.  So far there are 5 pairings, with three dogs, so some of the dogs work with multiple cheetahs.

To watch the lovable pairings and see the cheetahs running at their top speed and playing with their dog companions, follow this link.

Weekly Trick – Cat vs. Dog Tricks

This week I thought I .would share a very sweet and cute video of Kaiser the Bengal cat and Nana the Border Collie dog performing tricks in a contest against each other to see who could look the cutest and do the best tricks!

Trick #1 in the video is Beg/Sit Pretty – Both did such a great job, I also love that their pet parent put captions into the video of what Kaiser and Nana were thinking.

Trick #2 Spin – Kaiser the cat did a great job, but Nana was very enthusiastic in her spinning.

Trick #3 Roll Over – Kaiser did an impressive job, but Nana again was extremely enthusiastic!

Trick #4 Skateboard – Both get onto the skateboard and push themselves off slightly.  That was a tough one!

Trick #5 Leg Weaving/Figure 8’s – Both do an enthusiastic and great job of weaving in and out of their pet parent’s legs.

Trick #6 Close The Door – Kaiser does a very graceful door close, while Nana closes the door with her nose.

If you would like to see the outcome of the video, plus many other great tricks performed in this contest, just click here!

Just goes to show you a little bit of positive reinforcement and clicker training can work wonders when teaching tricks to your furbabies!

Weekly Trick – Mukaluka The Therapy Dog!

The importance of therapy dogs is widely known these days, not only with children, but with the elderly, people with disabilities and soldiers coming home from the war.

I thought for a change I would put up a video of a wonderful therapy dog named Mukaluka.  This dog shows off some impressive tricks, as well as prancing around so proud while performing those tricks and rightly so.

So here is the video, watch and see how amazing this dog is.  I am doing to work with Sasha to get her to be able to do these tricks as well.  Just amazing to watch!



Weekly Trick – Bathroom Monitor

This has got to be one of the greatest tricks to teach your dog.  If you live with a man who does not remember to put the toilet seat down, and you are sick of asking them to remember to do so, you can teach your dog to put the seat down and FLUSH!

Make sure you have something that motivates your dog, usually it is dog treats, but it can be toys, play, etc.  Use that to help your dog learn this trick.  Remember to give treats in moderation and to be patient as your dog learns this trick, it may take some time for them to get it down pat.

When you are teaching this trick, any contact they make at first, even if it is just a touch give them a treat/reward them.

You will also need a command word such as “toilet” or “flush” so that your dog can run to the bathroom and if the seat is up, he will know to put the seat down and flush it even when you are not in the room with your dog.

It is such a great trick to learn, and you and your dog will impress your friends when they are over and you show them this trick.

There is a video that explains this in three simple steps.  It is NOT me in the video.   If it is not the first video that plays, it is the third trick down on the list.  I hope you enjoy and your doggies go on to learn and impress people with this great trick!

Weekly Trick – Go To Bed

Your dog can learn this trick with a little patience and a lot of praise!

You will need a dog bed, a leash and treats (in moderation).

First, walk over to your dog’s bed and say “go to bed” in a calming tone.  Have a treat handy so that they can see it.  Once the dog walks over to the bed tell them to lie down in a calming tone.  You can use a leash here or not, to get them to focus on learning this trick.

It may take a while for your dog to go over to the bed and actually lie down, practice this trick in short intervals, no longer than about 5-10 minutes.

Once your dog learns the trick, you can take off the leash if you have used one, and they should no longer need the treat.

Here is a video of the trick.  It is NOT ME in the video.

Have a great weekend!

Weekly Trick – Hudson Performs Tricks!

I thought I would put something different for my weekly trick post.

This is a video of Hudson, the Burnese Mountain Dog performing tricks for her human Mom.

I just thought I would add this one to show everyone how dogs can do tricks in succession once they have mastered the trick.

I also just love this breed of dog.  So expressive, pretty and large (I am a large(r) dog breed lover), but I love all dogs as well.

Here is the video.  You can teach your dog these tricks easily.  You don’t have to follow any directions, sometimes you just have to do what will work for your dog.  Remember to have patience and use some treats for motivation in moderation.  I hope you enjoy!

Weekly Trick – Teach Your Dog To Ring A Bell

This trick is especially helpful to teach your dog when they want to go outside.  Have a bell on a string by your door, and when your dog wants to go out to do their business, they can ring the bell and you can let them outside.


Your dog first needs to learn “touch”.  If you put your hand out in front of your dog, they will (usually) instinctively touch your hand.

Keep sticking your hand out in front of you and every time your dog touches your hand, give them a treat.  After they have that down pat, use the word “touch” as you stick your hand out.

Next, stick out different objects for your dog to touch, every time they touch it, give them a treat and praise them.

Now, bring out the bell and say “touch”.  Your dog should now associate the word with the action.  Give your dog a treat.  The next time, the bell should make noise when your dog touches it.  If you want them to really ring the bell loudly, say “touch, touch touch” or just say it in a more forceful, louder voice.  The bell should be rung louder and the trick is learned.

Here is a video of the trick, it is NOT ME in the video.  Remember to be patient and work at the trick at your dog’s pace.  Sometimes dogs pick up tricks immediately, sometimes tricks take days, even weeks to learn.  Take your time and have fun, learning tricks is a great bonding experience!

Weekly Trick – Teaching a CAT to Give a Handshake

In sticking with the cat theme this week, I have a trick to teach all your kitties out there.

In order to make sure that your cat will be willing to have a learning session with you, make sure you try the trick a few hours before mealtime and have their most favorite treat handy.

Hold the treat out in your hand low enough to allow the cat to sniff it, but don’t let them eat any just yet.

Next stick out your other hand (that does not have treats in it) cupped palm upwards, just above eye level for your cat.  Say to your cat “Shake” or “Give Paw”.  Your cat should put his paw in your hand to actively search for the treat.  If they do not, help the cat by putting their paw in your hand and say your word again as you do it.

If the cat puts their paw in your hand, treat them and give tons of praise and petting.

Continue to do this several times until the cat does it at least four or five times.  Then your cat will have learned a great and entertaining trick!  Space out your training sessions, always do them before a meal, and make the training sessions short.  No more than about 4 minutes.

Here is a sweet video showing the trick in action.  It is NOT ME in the video.  Have fun, be patient and give your kitty lots of praise, your cat will get there and learn this trick if you give them lots of love and attention.