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Weekly Trick – Back Up

Fairly easy trick, as long as your dog knows the command “down”.

You should also have a tennis ball handy and some treats your dog really loves.

First get your dog into the laying down position, while you are holding the ball and the treat.

Next, walk toward your dog a few steps at a time while saying “back.”  Make sure that your dog starts to move backwards a few steps.

Once your dog takes several steps back (it may look like he’s hopping backwards), give the dog the ball and the treat and make sure to praise your dog for doing such a good job.

Always be patient and keep being consistent in trying.  Your dog may get it right away, or it may take time. Don’t practice this trick for more than ten minutes at a time.

Another point to mention, it would probably be a good idea that your dog knows to bring the ball back to you in exchange for the treat.  Some dogs will take off with the ball and not come back, so that’s a point to think about.

Again, I have a video of the trick in motion.  It is NOT me in the video, but it will give you a better idea of what the trick should look like.