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Weekly Trick – Fetch A Diaper

Even if you don’t have children, this can be a good trick to teach, just substitute diaper with something else!

The first thing to do is get your dog interested in the diaper.  Put something inside the diaper that the dog loves (toy wise) and start to try to play with them and throw it around, give them lots of praise while doing so. Make sure to use the word diaper and “fetch” so that your dog knows what you want them to do.
Walk away from the dog and have the dog come to you with the diaper in their mouth.

The final test for this aspect of the trick is to have the diapers in another room, call your dog over and ask them to “fetch diaper”.  If they go into the other room and get the diaper, the first phase of this trick is complete.

Next, you will want the dog to learn to jump over the baby gate.  Some dogs will be able to do this very quickly, other dogs, you will need to set up stages (put up a rope for them to jump over at different heights until they can jump over the actual baby gate easily).

The last part of the trick is making sure your dog will bring you the diaper in any room of the house.  Make sure you are in a different room and tell your dog to “fetch diaper”.  If the trick has been learned successfully, your dog will go into the room that you keep diapers, grab one off the shelf and bring it to you in the other room.  This trick will take time to learn and lots of treats.  Make sure to teach it in stages and not for longer than about 5-10 minute sessions at a time.

Here is the video for the trick.  In case it doesn’t load, it is the second trick video.

Naming Your Dog

So you just brought home a new furry friend and have no idea what to name her/him.  Should you name them something hip and trendy?  Name them after someone you know?  A common dog name like Max or Buddy?

Well the short answer is no.  Dogs need to have a name they will learn easily and one that suits them, as well as you because let’s face it, your dog’s name will be used quite a bit over the next 10-20 years.

Dogs should have a fairly easy name, one that is one to two syllables is best.  Also, picking a name that is trendy or something that will not be as interesting in a year or so is not useful (I once knew someone who named their dog Croc, after the shoe craze.  You know the crocs shoes?  Yeah the name got old and wasn’t good after a while, plus the dog was a Chihuahua so it didn’t really suit the dog).

Naming your dog can be tough, but figure out what their personality is like.  Are they sweet?  Protective?  Alert?  Names will suit their personalities if you find the right one.

The reason we chose the name Sasha was that in Russian, Sasha basically means “protector of man”.  This was very fitting because when we adopted her from the shelter, she was very protective of us, especially my husband.  She would stand right in front of him and made sure that no one bothered him.  She still does that to this day.  Not in a defensive way, but as a protecting, wanting to please way.

Think of where you will be with your dog.  If you go to a dog park and you want to call your dog, giving your dog a common name means that you could end up calling over several dogs with the same name.

Whatever name you choose, be sure it is something you can live with.  Be sure that it is short so that your dog can learn it and be sure it suits him/her.

For more information on naming your dog, click here.

Also, if you are stumped for names, here is a site with lists of names for dogs of all sorts!

Weekly Trick – Who Is Mukaluka The Therapy Dog?

I shared a video two weeks ago of Mukaluka the miniature Schnauzer therapy dog and was interested in learning more about this smart dog.

I Googled information and found quite a few different articles about this dog.  It seems that Mukaluka works at hospitals and mainly with children, helping to entertain and comfort them, if only for a short time, help them forget about their ailments.  Apparently Mukaluka will be part of a mural at the Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center where the children will see something to brighten their days each day, instead of the stark hospital walls.

Mukaluka seems to be helping to teach the Introduction to Therapy Dog training and even helps to teach other dogs new tricks.

There seems to be a Youtube channel with Mukaluka’s tricks and face plastered all over it.  Really such a sweet face it is.

I am going to share some articles and videos for those who are interested in learning more about Mukaluka.  This is one amazing dog.

You can also Google for more information, those seemed to be the most interesting articles and Youtube items that I found.


Weekly Trick – Mukaluka The Therapy Dog!

The importance of therapy dogs is widely known these days, not only with children, but with the elderly, people with disabilities and soldiers coming home from the war.

I thought for a change I would put up a video of a wonderful therapy dog named Mukaluka.  This dog shows off some impressive tricks, as well as prancing around so proud while performing those tricks and rightly so.

So here is the video, watch and see how amazing this dog is.  I am doing to work with Sasha to get her to be able to do these tricks as well.  Just amazing to watch!



Weekly Trick – Run A Course

There isn’t a video this week for this trick, rather, there are step by step instructions on how to get your dog primed for running a course, agility training, and learning how far to push your dog and when to draw back and allow them to guide the course.

At any rate, here is the article.  It will take time for your dog to get used to this, so please have patience and time, and many healthy treats.  Lots of praise and love will go a long way in order to get your dog to do what you want him/her to do.

Have fun, enjoy the time you get to train and bond with your dog.

Weekly Trick – Spinning!

Here is an easy trick to teach your dog.  You will need treats and it’s probably a good idea that your dog knows his/her name.

Remember patience and do short training sessions so that your dog (and you) don’t become overwhelmed.

Here is a video of the trick in action.  It is NOT ME in the video.



Dogs – Therapy For Humans

As many of us know, dogs and animals in general can be therapeutic for those of us going through serious illnesses, those in nursing homes, depression and troubled children.

For those of you who are dog parents, have you ever thought of training your dog to be a therapy dog? For others, have you been needing a therapy dog to help you?

There is a great website dedicated to therapy dogs.  Tons of information, videos, training classes and more.  Check it out here.

I’d love to hear stories of those people who are training their dog to become a therapy dog, or those who used therapy dog’s services.  I am starting to get Sasha trained for this, and I am curious as to your thoughts.  Either you can leave comments here or check out the “contact” tab and e-mail me.


Weekly Trick – Peekaboo Dog

A few people e-mailed me and wanted to know if I had information about learning tricks other than the standard sit, stay, rollover, paw, etc.  So I thought I would do a weekly post about teaching an out of the ordinary trick.

This trick is called Peekaboo.  It’s fairly basic for your dog to learn and they should pick it up quickly IF they already know the basic commands like “sit” and “come”.

First teach the dog to go through your legs from the front to the back and then from the back to the front, when they sit down between your legs while you are standing up, give them a treat.  When they first start out, and they go from the front to the back or vice versa, give them a small treat each time.

Once they move from the back to the front and front to back and sit consistently, they are just about there.  Have them sit between your legs while you are standing up and say “Peekaboo” about four times and treat them every single time after you say it.  Make sure they also are looking up at you so that they are aware of what you want them to do.

Then have your dog walk between your legs and say “Peekaboo”.  They should sit between your legs and peek out, thus the trick is “Peekaboo”.

I have a video that shows the trick because I am really horrible at explaining how to do something.  This is NOT ME in the video.  She is a dog trainer.  The video is very easy to understand and shows how the trick should work.  I hope you enjoy.

Each week I will have a new trick until I can’t think of any unique or different tricks.

In the coming weeks, I am going to talk about how to clicker train a dog and how you can actually clicker train a cat to do tricks as well.  Yes, it is possible!

If you have comments, questions or concerns, you can leave a comment here, or do what others are doing and e-mail me.  My e-mail is furbabiesfurever at , just replace the word “at” with the @ symbol.  I spell out my address so that I don’t get a ton of spam in my inbox.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and again, thanks for the e-mails and the compliments!  They make my day! 🙂


Dog Walking, Motivators, Tricks and Treats!

No, this isn’t a post left over from Halloween, although I hope everyone had a good one and all your fur babies are safe and sound!

Many people complain that when they try to walk their newly adopted best friend, they tend to pull on the leash, weave back and forth or stop at every blade of grass to lick or sniff it.  There are several solutions to work on this issue.  Now remember, this is not going to stop overnight and patience is definitely required to stop the pulling/bad leash habits.  Remember, your fur baby has probably been doing this all their life and weren’t taught any differently.

I have used this method described in this article with Sasha and it works extremely well.  It has made a world of difference on our jogs/walks.  She used to be the World’s Worst Puller while on the leash, and now she is quite a good walker.  There are many great tips on that page like how to stop your dog from lunging and barking while on the leash, tips for dogs who act aggressively while on the leash, and many others.  I highly recommend checking out that full site because it’s a wealth of information for novice fur parents to expert fur parents.

Now, when wanting to teach your dog simple tricks like sit, down, off, roll over, etc., figure out what your dog’s biggest motivator is.  Is it food?  Attention?  Toys?  For Sasha, her first biggest motivator is getting attention and hugs from us, second are her Mellow Mut treats.  When I want to teach her a trick that seems to be on the easier side (such as sit), I used attention as the motivator for her.  When she made the motion like she was going to sit, I gave her huge praise and hugged her.  When she finally did sit, I ended up giving huge praise, hugging, and doing a little dance of joy around her.

When I taught Sasha a more difficult trick such as roll over, I made sure to use her very favorite treats.  When she got halfway through the trick, I praised her and gave her part of the treat, when she did the whole trick, I gave her huge praise and a full jerky strip treat.  Most people say if your pet does the trick consistently five times, then the trick has been learned.  Again, the biggest thing needed is time and patience and consistency.  Dogs are creatures of habit and thrive on learning new things.  It’s also a great bonding experience for fur mom and fur baby to learn together.

Remember not to overfeed treats.  Sometimes I will use her dry kibble as a motivator while we are learning new tricks.  Usually I will measure out enough to equal her meal and use that to teach her new tricks.  This ensures that she does not become overweight, and she will get her meal, and learn all at the same time.  It’s a win-win situation.

I’m going to include several pages to teach your dog tricks.  Hopefully you will find something that works for you and your dog.  Figure out what motivates your dog to learn and most of all, have fun!

Trick a day

Love your dog

Obedience training

Dog training guide


As always, leave a comment and let me know if you tried these tricks and tips and if they worked for you.  I always love to read comments.