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Product Review – West Paw Design Hair Ball

When purchasing this toy, remember if you leave it on the floor, or at 3am, if you get up, you might find this toy and step on it, and scream, thinking you just stepped on a mouse.  Okay, maybe that was just me, but this toy definitely scared me several times when I would spy it out of the corner of my eye.

The West Paw Design Hair Ball is a small ball, with synthetic hair/fur on it, making it look like a long haired hamster.  The toy has organic catnip inside to attract the cat to get your cat to play with it.  It is similar to stuffed mice that seem to be very popular with many cats to pounce on and throw in the air, or kick with their back feet.

I bought two or Isis to play with and at first I let her smell the wonderful catnip aroma emanating from the belly of this strange looking toy.  She became mesmerized very quickly and once I threw it on the floor, it was game over for the hair ball.

Pouncing, chasing, and kicking of this toy ensued for several hours off and on.  The toy was batted across the floor and chased after and even I got involved and shook the toy on the floor and enjoyed some play time and interaction with Isis.

Even after one month of having this toy, it is still a favorite for Isis to play with.  Every other day she seems to have a pounce or two, then puts it in her mouth and walks around with it, like she just killed her prey.

The downside to this toy is the long hair/fur.  It can come off easily and for some cats, if they swallow it, it cannot be digested so they may have it come right back up.

Final verdict: If you can get past the way it looks, and the fact that sometimes the fur falls out, it is a great toy that your cat should enjoy thoroughly.  Hours upon hours of fun can be had by your cat, and you can get involved with this toy.  I did buy two and I took the second one and tied it to a stick and I will play with Isis by swinging the toy around and swishing it just overhead so that she has to jump and play that way.  It is for sale for a modest price on  I hope your cat enjoys it as much as Isis has.

Product Review – Richard’s Organics Deodorizing Shampoo

If you don’t take your dog to a groomer, or you are in between grooming appointments, and your dog needs to be clean, Richard’s Organics Deodorizing Shampoo may just be the answer you are looking for.

Sasha is a roller, a roller in all things that smell like death or feces.  The worse it smells, the happier she is to roll in it.

Just the other day we were outside playing in a field and she stopped dead in her tracks, sniffed the air, and dropped and rolled for a good ten minutes.  I usually can catch her before she does this, but this time she was just too fast.

I hadn’t had the chance to use the shampoo I bought, so I figured this was as good a time as any.  The fragrance was soft and pretty, and lasts quite a long time.  It lathered nicely, rinsed out well and made Sasha’s coat quite shiny.  My only complaint, and it is minor, is that it wasn’t very thick, so it seemed like I needed to use more than usual.

The ingredients are fairly decent: Purified Water, Coconut Oil Based Cleaners, Glycerin, Sodium Bicarbonate, Aloe Vera, Siliconized Zinc, Rosemary Extract, Lavender Oil, DMDM-Hydantoin, Tetrasodium EDTA.

Final verdict:  I would recommend purchasing this to have on hand for those times when you can’t get to your groomer, or if you groom your dog(s) on your own.  The smell is great and it lasts a long time (Sasha smelled good for almost a week).  It was a good emergency product to have around.  It is available on for a reasonable price.

Product Review – Petmate 3 Knot Rope Tug

Does your dog love to play tug-o-war?  Do they have more energy than you know what to do with?  The Petmate 3 Knot Rope Tug might be the toy your dog will love.

Sasha is a tug-o-war fanatic.  If we could play all day, every day, she would be in doggie heaven.  Pulling and tugging and growling in a very funny way is fun for her so we tried to oblige.  We first started tying up old rags and towels, but those ended up being destroyed quickly.  Finally we found this toy and it seems to be a hit,

It is a simple concept, cotton fiber ropes tied in knots of various sizes and lengths that seem to be strong and provide hours of fun for her.  The only thing is, we only play tug-o-war with them and let her play with it for only a few minutes after we are done, otherwise she would have the toy chewed in half in no time.  She is a chewer, therefore we need to watch when she plays with this to make sure she doesn’t swallow the cotton fibers.  This is something to consider when buying this toy for your dog.

Final verdict: If your dog loves to tug, this might be a great toy for them.  So far, the toy has lasted Sasha over two months, and when we whip it out to play with her, she goes nuts and spends lots of energy and time on it.  This also means she has a nice LONG nap after playing, which is good to give us some quiet time.  Just watch to make sure none of the cotton fibers end up being swallowed.  The toy is available on and comes in various sizes for various size dogs.  Make sure to get a rope size big enough so that your dog cannot get the rope or the knotted portions in their back teeth, otherwise they can chew the toy in half and then the toy is no longer useful.  Definitely recommend this toy for tugging dogs!


Product Review – Kyjen Dog Game Treat Triad

An interesting puzzle toy for dogs who like to play games and figure out where their treats are at.

It is a plastic made puzzle toy with three arms, the dog must learn to spin the top part and then lift the lids where the treats are located.  As long as your dog doesn’t try to pick it up and chew it (Sasha tried many, many times to do so, until she learned what kind of toy it was), it should last a long, long time.

You can place any kind of treats in this toy, I used some of the homemade chicken jerky (slicing chicken really thin, greasing the pan with olive oil, placing your oven on its lowest setting and leaving it to cook for about 2 hours, cooling and then serving as treats to your dog, or cat), and that seemed to go over well.  Sasha ended up playing with it, after leaving it alone for several days and figured out how to get her treats out.  Once she figured out the toy is full of wonderful, yummy treats, she spent several hours (with breaks in between for naps and cuddles), enjoying lifting up the lids and getting the jerky out.

It can be a noisy toy, so picking it up when you want to go to sleep is a good idea.  It can also slide on the floor if your dog really gets into playing with it, so if you have carpeted floor, that might be a better option.

Final verdict: As long as your dog doesn’t try to chew this toy up, it is a good toy that will keep your dog busy for periods of time.  It is fairly durable and can withstand a dog picking it up and chewing on it SLIGHTLY, or a dog picking it up with its mouth and shaking it about.  You can find this toy moderately priced on

Here is a youtube video to show you how the toy works.

Product Review – Catit Senses Treat Maze

Want to give your cat a challenge to try to get their treats and keep them busy for hours at a time?  Well the Catit Senses Treat Maze may be just the toy for your cat.

Place the treats on different levels of the maze and your cat must reach into holes or on the top to push the treats to the feeder area.  Simple enough, but if the treats are high value for your cat (meaning if they just cannot get enough of the treat), your cat may spend tons of time trying to get the treats out and have fun playing at the same time.

Isis tried this toy and at first, she stopped playing with it and left it alone for a few days.  Then, she ended up spending a better part of a day (off and on) trying to get her treats to eat.  It was really interesting to watch her to see how she was able to get the treats (she was able to pick up some treats with her paws sort of) and move them around and how smart she is!

Final verdict: Your cat may enjoy this, try to interact with them and show them how to work the toy first.  They may try for a bit, and leave it alone for a few days.  If the treats are something they love, that should lure them back to play with the toy. The toy is sturdy and made of good materials and I did not have a problem worrying that it might break, fall over or fall apart.  I would recommend this toy with that as a caution.  It is on sale right now on  Try it, your kitty might thank you for it!

Product Review – Catit Raffia Toy Mouse On A Stick

This toy is pretty basic, it is a fake mouse attached to a stick with a string.  The price is right on for this simple, yet hours of fun toy.

The best part of this toy is that it is interactive and you can play with your cat, teach it hunting and prey skills, and watch your cat pounce, jump and have fun.  My favorite part is to watch Isis stalk the toy as I drag it along the floor.  She is a butt wiggler before she pounces and that always gives me a good laugh.  Of course, she runs away when I laugh at her shenanigans.  Then comes right back to play more and more with this toy.

The one drawback is that the string tends to break, but an easy fix is tying it tighter or double knotting it, or even drilling a hole and tying the string through two holes.  It really is a simple toy that can keep your cat occupied for hours.

Final Verdict: Isis really enjoyed this toy and loves it when I drag it out once a week for playtime.  She does not get tired of it because I don’t keep it out for her to play with all the time.  I think that is the best way to keep toys “fresh” and from getting old and boring for cats.  She loves to bat, stalk, pounce and run away from the toy.  It is well worth the price on and can’t be beat.  Hopefully your cat will love it as much as Isis does.  Since it’s Christmas soon, this is a great present for your fur baby!

Catit Eco Terra Raffia Mouse Teaser Wand Cat Toy


Product Review – Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Fruit & Veggies with Treat Spot

This toxic free rubberized bouncy toy with a spot to put healthy treats, makes for a toy that your puppy or even older dog may enjoy, as long as your dog doesn’t try to destroy it the moment it’s put on the floor for playtime.

The toy comes in different shapes of fruits and veggies: strawberry eggplant, and artichoke.  There is a larger hole at the top where you can put treats in.  I made some peanut butter dog bones and broke them up and put them in the treat for Sasha to figure out how to get it out.

She seemed to enjoy it for a while, she would paw at it and roll it around, getting a few treats out.  This lasted about 15 minutes and then she tried to destroy the toy.  I took it away and gave it back to her the next day.  She played with it for a little longer before trying to destroy it.

Finally after about a week, she has worked up to being able to play with it for a half hour before it becomes time to destroy.

Final verdict: The toy is a great one, good for puppies who like to learn and for you to teach them how to get something out of the toy, it is interactive and can keep them busy for longer periods of time.  I would still observe them while playing, just in case they chew through it and start to eat the rubber, it may be a choking hazard.  It’s not easy to destroy, but just to be on the safe side, be at the ready if your dog is a chewer.  Recommended for puppies, slight recommendation for dogs, as long as they don’t destroy the toy.  The toy is for sale on



Product Review – Thermo Kitty Mat

The new Saturday column will be product reviews of things I have bought and use with Sasha and Isis.  I will be as honest and detailed as possible.  I am NOT getting paid or any free products from any company that I review their products.

Considering that winter is right around the corner and the cold weather is just easing its way in, I decided to purchase a thermo mat (heated mat) for Isis, since she gets cold easily and loves to find the warm spots all over the house.

I searched my favorite website (, where your first order is 15% off, and free 2 day delivery with orders over $49), and found the K&H Thermo Kitty Mat.  It 12.5 x 25 inches, so it’s a great size for even big kitties!  It is about a half inch thick and has a dual thermostat which is burried within the foam.  It heats up to about 12-15 degrees above ambient temperature and then adapts to your cat’s body temperature.

Now, Isis is not a fan of new things, so we kind of had to trick her to get her to use it.  So we placed  the mat underneath the covering on her window perch.  We sprayed it with Feliway spray and within a day, she was sleeping on it for hours at a time.  It doesn’t get that warm to the touch and it is fine to use without the perch if your cat doesn’t mind sleeping on a mat.  I would suggest placing the mat somewhere up high in your home, or on the bed, if you allow your cat to sleep on your bed.  Most cats prefer higher places.

The product comes in two colors: mocha and sage.  The price ranges from $37.09-$39.99.

Final verdict: I love this mat, and would recommend it to anyone whose cat needs a little extra heat for the winter.  Also, older cats would benefit because the heat will help with joints and if they have arthritis, the heat will most likely help your cat feel better and move easier.  Isis has a new favorite thing and the K&H Thermo Kitty Mat is it.  It is well made, seems it will last a long time and the price is very reasonable.  If it will help her once she gets older with her joints and if she gets arthritis, I consider this a great investment.  Highly recommended.

Thermo Kitty Mat: Indoor Heated Cat Mat